Workshop Wedding Photographer in Marseille

This weekend I was in Marseille  for a Wedding photography Workshop.
I love to offer the best pictures to my couples, thus I regularly study with the best of the best in wedding photography industry.

Workshop was animated by one of the best Belgian wedding photographer: Michel Yuryev.
Michel is specialized in black an white wedding photography.
he is extremely rigorous in light, position and emotion.

During 2 big day (9am, 9pm, half an hour break ) he did learn us what is important for him.
I let you enjoy few pictures I took during the workshop.
You can discover Michel work on is site :

Many Thanks to Michel and the couple who did fight cold and rain.



Find more picture of wedding on the French Riviera and Provence:


Wedding photographer on the French Riviera, Var and South of France

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We will discuss about how we could create your memories.

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