{M+N} Wedding at Palais des Papes in Avignon and Provence

Check out the pictures of a lovely couple flying from Hong Kong who enjoy their wedding with friends and family in Papal Palace in Avignon.

The story began in a Singapore metro between a globetrotter and a rocker. Which then mixed cultures and grew in Southeast Asia to return to celebrate love in France.
A story full of emotions, affection and respect that was a pleasure to photograph.
A gorgeous couple, I could accompany the village where the bride grew up and in the small streets of Avignon.

Avignon is a beautiful city full of history and monuments, a feast for the eyes!
We cruised in a old french Traction to take pictures between Hotel Europe, the Palace of the Popes, venue Jeanne Lawrence, the ramparts and Avignon Bridge.


Thank you to M + N for offering me to travel with you and your guests 🙂





Dress: Pronovias Barcelone
Venue : Espace Jeanne Laurent / Palais des Papes
Light and Music : Fanatic Music
Hairdresser : Vice Versa
Caterer : Olivier Traiteur



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