Thank You 2016!

THANK YOU so much to brides & grooms, couples, families and wedding service providers for this extraordinary year!
In France, in India, from London to Saint-Martin (Caraïbes), I ‘ve shared with you so much amazing moments.

It’s Difficult to choose the pictures on a season that counts more than 20000 shots delivered. It would take a fulm film to honor all those beautiful moments. Here is an excerpt of the meetings and great moments that I lived in 2016 through my photos.

You can discover some of the most beautiful wedding moments of 2016 in the following slideshow:


Gorgeous weddings in France to be found on the blog, and inspiring, colorful and fragrant journeys.

Indian wedding, in India (New Delhi) :
Wedding Day After Londres :
Wedding Day After in Saint Martin / Sint Maarten :


I can’t wait to share new amazing histories in 2017