Surprise Wedding Proposal on The French Riviera {K+B}

Discover picture of a surprise proposal on the French Riviera. The story of two young lovers driving from Hungary.

Balint came in Holidays on the French Riviera a few years ago. He sailed from Saint Tropez to Antibes, and loved the sea and the coast.
He wanted to bring is beloved on the French Riviera for a while, and this travel was the perfect moment for the proposal.
They drove from Hungary to Cannes to spend a lovely week.

He loved on pictures of a previous engagement session (link below) and wanted to bring Klara and ask her the question in the same place.
We plan together, the place, the moment, how would go the session so as to have the perfect proposal. Of course, everything in secret so as Klara to have the surprise.

So he explained to her they would go for a couple session. As Klara has a blog, the session was also supposed to deal about how to take pictures, get the most of photo session for her blog.
You can have a look at her blog here:

So we start with few couple pictures along the water, so as both of them to feel comfortable. We did few pictures for Klara blog and discuss tips for her posing and best light use.
Once at the location (the beach Balint loved and wanted for the proposal), we had fun, did few other poses. Once every setting was ready, at a nod from me, Balint put the knee on the sand, released the jewel from his pocket and asked the magic question. I let you guess Klara answer. It was for her a real and HUGE surprise and needed few seconds to take a breath.

Thank you, Balint, for your trust, It has been amazing sharing with you, your sweet wedding proposal!

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