Pre-Wedding photoshoot on the French Riviera and Provence

Getting engaged, want to have unforgettable memories of you, your love and all those special feelings you have before your wedding? Let’s do a pre-wedding or engagement session. Flying from aboard or living in France, I can help you get the most from your trip to the French Riviera, South of France and Provence.

As French Riviera pre wedding photographer, based in Antibes, I offer pre wedding and engagement photo shoots in Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Grasse, the Var, Provence and all other areas of the South of France as well as nationwide France. I also offer pre-wedding shoots in European cities such as Paris, Rome, Madrid and London. Let’s talk about what you are dreaming, and we will create pictures of it!


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What is a Pre-wedding photoshoot

Coming from Asia, pre-wedding is adding some craziness to your engagement session.
Some couple even rent a wedding dress to have wedding pictures in foreign places.

What can you get from you Pre wedding / Engagement session ?

It’s all about having amazing memories! Let me know what Provence, French Riviera and French Alps mean to you, mountains, under the stars, old towns, beach, sea sides or even underwater. I love to hear from your projects and crazy ideas and then create unique pictures.
Come and we will create magic together.

It’s also about the experience, the sun, the sea, perfumes of the South of France, you two sharing awesome time and having pictures of it for the rest of your life.

How to create your perfect memories ?

The better you plan it before the more you will be able to enjoy it, stressless and deeply during your trip.

What you have to do:

  • Select a location, define what you love about it, pictures will emphasise it
  • Define a road ma, so as to have a time schedule (and have the best light possible)
  • Add some spice: clothes, accessories, flowers. Everything that add amazingness to your overall experience

I can also help you find someone that will plan everything for you (hotel, makeup, transport).


Why not surprise your beloved one?

Want to make even more special for your beloved one: create the surprise.
Making her/him think you are traveling for a “holidays”
Share with me what she/he loves and I will advice you places, known and unknown from the crowd.


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Let’s schedule a session

For full details about your pre-wedding photoshoot, feel free to contact me

Occasionally, we are able to offer special rates for specific dates in specific European cities. Please email us for details.
If you are already married, we can also do an Day After or Anniversary Session: