[Plan] Your Elopement on the French Riviera of the South of France

[Now WildRoses] Planning to Elope on the French Riviera, get some help on how, where, when to plan your elopement wedding. I would love to offer you amazing pictures from your perfect wedding. Elopement is the most intimate weddings for bridal couples, and this just makes amazing gorgeous pictures. Wherever you come from, you will get incomparable souvenirs in the South of France.

To better understand Elopement, and what is implies Elopement on the French Riviera :


Planing timing and detail of your Elopement wedding on the French Riviera or Provence, find last information and tips:




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how can your elopement be organized?

You can book a celebrant who can organize a symbolic ceremony.
You will then be able to our exchange of vows in vineyard, on the beach, or any magic place.

You can also have ceremony in church, with your own language, as you have many ones from specific countries and religions. Or have you best Friend or brother be the officiant.

You can also do a mix between a wedding ceremony and a honeymoon, make sure to select a nice place that match both your dreams.
As you can be as little as 2, on the budget side, you can even think about a luxury place, gorgeous view or amazing things to do (Monaco, stay on an Island, cruise on a yacht, wild ceremony in the Alps).

Some help on other sites to plan and enjoy the perfect elopement wedding:


Don’t hesitate to mail me if you want me to help you, just let me know what sort of setting are you interested in (sea, woodland, riverside, mountains, …)?

If you don’t have time or need some help planning every details, I can help you find a wedding planner.



Where to plan your elopement

You have many amazing venues for your elopement wedding on the French Riviera and Provence.
Best plan is to define what you love the most, how intimate, luxurious, amazing  so as to select the perfect venue.

Please find below a list of gorgeous venurs:

Castle, domains, vineyard and Nature, in the Var and Provence:

Sea view and luxury, on the French Riviera:

Nature and Glof

I know most of those places, we can help you fint the ONE that would fit perfectly your dreams.


When to plan your wedding

Best time is spring and summer, avoid July as it’s the hottest month of the year (it can goes up to 40°C in the Var)
Var and Provence are hotter than the French Riviera.
If you love mountains you also have few amazing venue where you could enjoy Nature and the French Alps.
Take care of sun burns before your wedding as it could hurt a lot and ruin you pictures.

You can also go for a winter wedding / Elopement / vow renewal.
Love under the snow, white dress in winter is just pure fairy tale.


What’s about the pictures?

As a photographer on the French Riviera, Provence and South of France, I will advice you depending of what you want and what you dream about.
It’s all about your souvenirs, the mood, the colors that you have chosen.
I will discretely follow you, snap you love, happiness, tears and joy.

You will be together, thus with a lot of time to do great pictures. Depending of your wishes we can plan multiple places so as to get different backgrounds.
We do not have the normal photographic day, so it’s really up to you and how you want your pictures 🙂

Finally, I will help you get the most of the place and keep unforgettable memories.


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Is the Wedding /elopement legal in France?

There is no issue with people having an informal exchange of vows or blessing in France.
If you want your elopement to be a legal wedding, you must have civil ceremony taking place at the Mairie (the town hall), and thus be french resident (or have one of you French)
Please not that, no priest, rabbi or minister will marry you, unless you can provide proof that you have already been married in a civil ceremony.

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Elopement Photographer In South of France, Provence and French Riviera

If you want to get married (and elope) in the romantic country of France, want natural, elegant and spontaneous picutres, let’s chat to create together your perfect pictures.
I would love to be your elopement photographer:


book you session now



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Feel free to contact me aswell for Vow Renewals, Destination Weddings & Eloping photography in the south of France and French Riviera using the same form


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