{Ruby + An} Love session in London

Discover a gorgeous Love Session in London’s streets. If the cold weather, was against us, it did not stop us from enjoying the city, laughing and sharing a beautiful time.
A romantic stroll on a March’s Sunday afternoon  along the Thames. A walk, in the middle of the crowd, between London Eye, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Waterloo Station.
It was a pleasure being with Ruby and An, lots of laughter, emotion, when discussing about their memories of their Vietnam’s wedding.
A wonderful time together and beautiful photographs for them and their families stayed in Southeast Asia.

Thank you Ruby and An for letting me follow you and tell your story.



If you prefer warm weather, I had the pleasure to photograph another lovely couple, in Barcelone, the day before: http://www.doctibphoto.com/en/love-session-in-barcelona-mp/


Wedding Day After or Anniversary session in London or Europe

Flying from the US, UK, India or Asia, you would like to keep unforgettable pictures of you and your beloved one(s)?
Let’s schedule a meeting, a session and a great moment together. We will organize everything so as you to have an amazing photo shoot and keep natural, elegant and original pictures

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