Levitation maternity session {Caroline}

Maternity represents a lot of happiness, but also discomfort. Long months to wait for this precious little being, is a body that suffers.
The water allows you to share a unique moment with your baby, to feel the fluid and light movements, to move easily and to preserve magnificent memories. Discover the maternity underwater sessions.
A magic moment in levitation, where calm and serenity mingle with well being.


Caroline came especially from Montpellier to perform this session, one Saturday morning when she was pampered, by her man, a makeup artist and the team.

What I remember from this session is both the pleasure of being carried by water, but also the accompaniment of Thiebauld who sometimes takes the pose to explain well how to position. We allow ourselves to guide very easily and Thiebaud takes care of the rest with the professionalism of an apneist / photographer :).


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