Jacky’s Bachelorette party in Antibes

Check out J’acky’s Bachelorette Party pictures in Antibes. Her friends (13) arrived from all over Europe to meet in Antibes where they did their studies. We walked from the Place de Gaule to the seaside, passing by the ramparts and the old Antibes. The bride-to-be (Jacky) was amazing, what a laugh! She did not hesitate to go in the water, passing between jellyfish to show us her flexibility. So much that she had a cramp on a rock. Another great moment.

Bachelorette Party A good way to spend a few hours with friends, keep beautiful memories and discover or rediscover the old Antibes.


A custom slideshow created for Jacky on a music she selected.



Bachelorette Party Photographer Cannes Antibes Nice Monaco

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