About me

doctibphoto photographe mariage cote d'azur et provence

Father of a little girl full of energy, I love nature ( of the sea to the mountains ) and freedom , I like to incorporate that in the moments that I capture. The exchanges between humans, their laughter , their love.
The freedom that allows you to be you , happy, sincere and live fully, all emotions. Put a little poetry and magic in the images, to sublimate these times so as you to keep and share their intensity.

Love , laugh and dream with you, to make the experience the best possible, because these moments will become memories.

Why Wedding / Lifestyle Photographer ? Because there is a small number of business where one has the chance to enter into people’s privacy, experience and share their emotions and write on paper the magic of fleeting moments.
Capture photographs of you, the people you love, of moments that have meaning and importance to you. In a world where everything moves fast, take the time to capture human exchanges and details.

To capture these moments of life my work consists of a documentary and creative part.
From a documentary point of view, seize the small and big moments. Capture the looks on the fly, exchanges, the different colors of emotions that you and your guests will live. Capturing the power of details so as it not erode over time.
From a creative standpoint, sublimate history, your emotions, your love and thus capture all the magic.

To achieve this, it is important that you explain me what is important to you, who you are, in order to be able to understand the nuances of your personality. Thus offer you  images that match represent deeply who you are as much as they will surprise you.

If you like my pictures, do not hesitate to contact me so as to work together on the project of your memories.



Part of the project Signature, collective « Il était une fois » has created 8 portraits of French Photographers,a film about their journey , their aspirations and how they feel photography. I had the chance to be part of this great adventure. This is not an easy exercise when you’re used to be behind the camera , but so rewarding.
If you want to know more about me, I invite you to watch this portrait full of Nature.

(should be translated soon)