About me

[highlight] Why am I a Wedding Photographer?[/highlight]

People often ask me why the wedding photography? For all the emotions that come from this special day.
First we don’t know each other, we meet, we discuss, we exchange. As and when we learn to know ourselves for the big day, somehow like your love story.
During the Big Day, it’s all about overflow of feelings, emotions, smiles and tears. Like an old friend I capture all your precious moment. Day goes on the  from an accomplice glance to a loving gesture.

In a nutshell: a full day of sharing, affection and huge excitement.

Love in its purest form … it is at all the best drug :).


Because it is YOUR wedding and it is unique to your heart like mine. I do everything to create images of your memories that retain their beauty for generations!


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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.



[highlight]Un style photographique[/highlight]


Photography makes sense to me only if it reflects the people and their emotions. When I work with couples or clients I make it a point of honor to understand their ideas and desires.

Following people with discretion, I capture their laughter and tears. Remaining attentive to their gestures and subtle variations in the atmosphere, I capture photographs with all the sensitivity of their expressions.




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Lover of art in all its forms since my childhood, I came naturally to photography.

As the shots, passion as technics grew up.
Patient and perfectionist, I like to wait for the moment when emotion, color and light meet, to create the photograph that will sublimate your memory for years.