{K+M} Engagement Session in the French Alps

Check out gorgeous pictures of K&M engagement / Pre-wedding session in the French Alps, in mountains located close to the French Riviera.

K&M flew from Atlanta (Georgia, USA) to get a gorgeous wedding on the French Riviera, on the sea front of the mediterranean sea, at the Hotel Belles Rives.
They wanted to have pictures in the mountains, something more natural, green for their pre-wedding.

We drove from Antibes to close moutains, had fun in the river bed, between moutains and in the field.
K also wanted night shots, so we ended at midnight, on the top of the moutains, under the stars, enjoying the moon rise. That was magic.



Photographer on the French Riviera and destination

Coming to the French Riviera (perhaps at the Hotel Belles Rives)  you would  like to keep unforgeatable pictures of you and your beloved one(s), on the waterfront, old towns or in the French Alps?
Let’s schedule a meeting, a session and a great moment together. We will organize a session so as you to have natural, delicate and funs pictures.

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