Day After Wedding, snow in the South French Alpes

Pictures ❀ Day After Wedding, under the snow of the South Alpes ❀ 


Discover pictures from Sandrine and Aurélie. We went to the moutain with their wedding dresses

For this project I was helped by Julie from Label Emotion, she did the little cocoon. Idea was to have fun and get pictures we are not use to see in the south of France. Bride and groom playing in the snow, while people were sunbathing on the beach. The brave couple was Sandrine and Aurélien (he is wedding photographer on Aix). They walked during few hours with there wedding dress and suit. pictures where taken close to Gréolières les neiges (an hour from Mougins and Valbonne).
Even if it was very cold we did have a lot of fun. People where amazed to find in the middle of nowhere, during winter season, and while snowing smiling lovely wedding couple. But all of them had kind words for the couple!
Robes :
Decoration: Julie Label Emotion Cote d’Azur
Place : Gréolière
Modeles : Sandrine et Aurélie de One Life Picure

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