Couple and Love photo session on the French Riviera

Flying to the French Riviera, you want to have gorgeous pictures of both of you (not just iphone selfies) in lovely places? Let’s schedule a couple or engagement photo session together!
If you are planing your proposal, I can also help you create the perfect moment and photograph everything.

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What can you get from your Couple Love session ?

It’s all about having amazing memories! Let me know what Provence, French Riviera and French Alps mean to you, mountains, under the stars, old towns, beach, sea sides or even underwater. I love to hear from your projects and crazy ideas and then create unique pictures. Come and we will create magic together.

It’s also about the experience, the sun, the sea, perfumes of the South of France, you two sharing awesome time and having pictures of it for the rest of your life.

Session can vary from simple couple session, to proposal, pre-wedding session, anniversary session, I will focus on you, your love and keeping those precious memories.

It will be for you a great and simple moment together and I will help you feel comfortable and at ease.
I will do my best to make you enjoy every second of the session: pictures keep our memories, let’s create together amazing ones.

After the session you will have: a private web gallery, a blog post, a selection of your favorites pictures (quantity depends of the package), an custom iphone app.


Best time to schedule a couple session?

We are fortunate to have all year long a nice climate on the French Riviera, so we can plan a session all year long.
If you are coming from Sweden we could even do a session on the beach,in swimsuit, in winter.

So as to enjoy the golden hours lights, the best moment of the day is early morning or late afternoon/evening.
Early morning (sunrise) there is less people
, so if you want pictures in a  touristic place, you will have the whole place for you.

Depending of the time of the year, afternoon session start between 4PM (Winter) and 7PM (summer).

We can also schedule a night session, so as to play with light / building and night life.

I sometimes have request for a photo session the week before, If I’m available I will do my best for you.
It’s better to contact me few weeks before so as to fine schedule the session.




What should we wear for our engagement session?

First and foremost, you need to feel at ease and yourself! Your clothes will show your personality, and help you feel more comfortable. If you prefer simple dress and flats over cocktail dress and towering heels, just go for it. The most important thing is that you feel natural. That will be perfect and represent who you are.

For couple clothes, no urge as well to coordinate everything, just make sure your outfits are harmonious. If you go for colors and brands, I recommend staying away from bright whites, heavily visible logos, or crazy patterns.  Consider your location as well when you’re preparing your engagement shoot outfits. If you are going in Antibes or Nice streets, you won’t wear same outfit as on seaside rocks or in the middle of the French Alps. Keep it simple as the most important elements of the picture are you, I want to focus on you and deeply show how you love each other.

While professional hair and makeup are not compulsory, it can help ease the getting-ready process and make the shoot even more unique. I can recommend you some great local artists.

As we will walk (sometimes a lot) from place to place, even if you want heels on the pictures, don’t forget to bring flip-flop or comfortable shoes.


How to create your perfect memories?

I will help you get the most from your session, let me know what you prefer.
So as to best select the location ,define what you love about it, pictures will emphasis it.
It can be :

  • Main cities like Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Mandelieu, Eze,
  • Small old town like Mougins, Biot, Gourdon, Eze or Saint-Paule de Vence.
  • Waterfront, with the Mediterranean sea as background
  • To the near French Alps mountains for breath taking views or a ski slopes session.

It’s your session, don’t hesitate to add extras: clothes, accessories, flowers. Everything that add uniqueness to your overall experience.
For longer session, we can work out a road map, so as to have a time schedule (and have the best light possible).
You don’t have time or ideas, i can also help you find someone that will plan everything for you.

At the end, It’s also about the experience, you two sharing awesome time and having pictures of it for the rest of your life.
You can also create a pinterest board of what you would like, and send me the link, I’m DoctibPhoto there.



More information for you perfect engagement session

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Schedule the Couple Photographer

So as to plan the perfect session, contact me now!

Occasionally, I’m able to offer special rates for specific dates in specific European cities. Please email us for details.



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